CW & WJ Bourke
Bourke Road
P.O. Box 57
Nathalia, Victoria 3638. Australia
Ph: 03 58662324
Mobile: 0417 382 249

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Wendi Bourke

CW & WJ BourkeThe Place for Lucerne!

The Bourke family were original settlers on Broken Creek west of Nathalia, in Northern Victoria, in the 1880's. That was four generations ago.

Aerial Photo of FarmToday there are still a number of descendents living and farming in the district, including our family. While we do not farm the original homestead, our family owned farm is on the Broken Creek. Farms on the lower Broken Creek are renowned for their excellent soil types and high productivity, ideally suited to lucerne growing.

Chris took over running the farm while in his 20's and has developed the farm to be an environmental and ecological Model.

 We (Chris & Wendi) are members of the Broken Creek Improvement Landcare Group, and endeavor to farm in a way that is environmentally and ecologically sustainable. This includes fencing waterways to exclude livestock, off stream watering points, fencing and rehabilitating remnant vegetation, currently 8% of the property. Whole farm planning, with full recycle and reuse of all irrigation run off, we have a policy of no water run off the property during the irrigation season.

Loading Hay for saleWe started growing Lucerne (alfalfa) for commercial hay production in 1986. We now produce quality hay for the chaff, racehorse, show horse, dairy, beef, sheep, and hobby farm industries.

Currently other commodities that we produce are cattle, turning off prime vealers, sheep for prime lambs and wool, and grain, including wheat, lupins and oats.